Who We Are


DAO, founded by Jerico Lugo in 2022, is a freelancing academy that aims to help young professionals, and professionals in general, break free from the tiring and boring traditional employment thereby allowing a better, more splendid work-life balance with the help of freelancing or remote working.

“Dao,” in Thai, means north. The logo for DAO uses a creative way of writing the letter ‘A.’ when played, the logo can also be read as “diao” which in Thai means “to wait.” DAO believes young professionals have what it takes to succeed in their careers early on in the game, they only need to land that first opportunity and while waiting, better themselves in their chosen career.

Our Mission & Vision

DAO aims to help young professionals ultimately live life the best way they can by introducing them to freelancing and remote working which opens doors for more career growth, location flexibility, and higher earning potential. 

Learning. Earning. Enjoying.