Our Story

DAO’s Beginnings

From early employment and investment, academic prowess, early successes, and career advancements, to now traveling, a lot has been wanting to know how Jerico Lugo did it all by 22. DAO is Lugo’s answer to people around him saying, “Sana ol” and “Pano ba yan?” 

Starting work early definitely had its perks but it is also tiring. It is after years of juggling full-load terms in college and extensive hours in work that finally made Jerico take his long-overdue break. While vacationing in Thailand, a lot expressed their admiration and curiosity as to how he did it. It was at this time he decided to start building DAO to help friends, family, and young professionals enjoy their lives the best way they know how. 

About the Founder

Meet Jerico Lugo

Jerico Lugo graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde Antipolo and is now a Media Relations Manager and PR Strategist to many startups and global brands from across the globe. Lugo mainly works with tech, beauty, real estate, crypto/NFT, and B2B companies such as PR firms from Australia, USA, and Europe. Jerico has recently started doing work with clients in the Philippines, taking in writing and PR seeding projects.